CF Construction has been serving the new home construction industry for over 11 years and now is working with some of the top builders within Calgary. The scope of work that CF Construction is managing is “concrete flatwork”. Basement Gravel, Basement Concrete Floors, Garage Floors and Driveways and Sidewalks (Patios).


Basement Gravel & Weeping Tile


CF Construction Service provides all the necessary labor and material required in preparation of the basement concrete.   A Project Manager from our company will assess the project before scheduling to ensure conditions are suitable and the project is ready prior to proceeding. 

The correct installation of the base, weeping tile and vapor barrier as well as the conditions of the sub base are integral to the longevity of any basement floor.
Once the preparation work has been completed the Project Manager will inspect again to ensure the clients specs have been met, there are no safety or housekeeping concerns caused by our work and the general quality of the project  meets CF Standards prior to releasing to dispatch for concrete scheduling.

Prepping and Forming of Flatwork (Garages, Driveways, Patios & Steps)


With all scopes of work, CF Construction builds to the plans provided by our clients.   Based on a set of standards that all of our trades are required to conform to, we provide exceptional quality is sub base preparation.

From call in date, the project is assessed and monitored by a Project Manager from our company.  This Project Manager is in constant communication with the client regarding site readiness, safety, additional requirements or specific spec requirements.  

Upon completion of the preparation work the Project Manager will again assess the quality of the work and ensure all required specs were met prior to releasing the project to dispatch for concrete scheduling.

Pour, Place, & Finish of Concrete

CF Construction can provide all types of finishes based on client specs including Brushed, Exposed Aggregate, Stamp, Smooth and more.  We can introduce color to projects based on selections as well as many other innovative designs and products to improve the quality, look and integrity of the project.

Once the preparation work has been approved by the Project Manager the project is sent to dispatch for scheduling.  The site is inspected again the day before pour to ensure access is clear and that no formworks have been damaged or altered.   Once the pour is complete it is sent for a final quality inspection by one of our Professional Quality Assurance Inspectors.
All projects are inspected and receive a pass or fail based on the CF Standards.  If a project should not meet the required standard these inspectors would notify the client and a report would be sent to our warranty department to administer and resolve.